Voice of Saturn Synthesizer mk II

The Voice of Saturn Synthesizer mk II was released in Spring of 2016 originally as a kit for a workshop for the Tom Tom Festival in Charlottesville, VA. There have been several revisions with the current one being configurable as a standalone device or a eurorack module. It features 4 oscillators, 2 lfos, a ring modulator, lots of routing possibilities, a built in speaker amp and a very weird resonant low pass filter. Build instructions can be found at the top navigation of this site. Stock is limited but please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a circuit board, kit or built module.


Voice of Saturn Modulator

The Voice of Saturn Modulator was a module designed around an OTA based Voltage Controlled amplifier and a function generator chip that served as an LFO. Also included was a simple attack release envelope rounding out the Modulator as a useful utility module.


Voice of Saturn Voltage Controlled Filter

The Voice of Saturn VCF is based around the CEM 3372 Signal Processor chip. At one point ca. 2006 I wound up with a decent sized amount of these discontinued chips and I decided to design a filter module around them. I also had a great source for joysticks and loved that sort of user interface control. The result was the VoS VCF. Only ~40 of the full scale units were ever produced or made as a kit due to the limited number of joysticks and CEM chips but the module has also been released in a limited eurorack form. It features cv control over cutoff and resonance of the 24db 4 pole filter as well as cv controls for each of the two input VCAs and the output VCA. I do still have pcbs available for this if anyone one is interested.

Voice of Saturn Sequencer

The Voice of Saturn Sequencer came soon after the VoS Synthesizer and was an expanded take on the Baby 10 sequencer utilizing a cd4017 decade counter at its core. I wanted something that could sequence my Realistic (Moog) MG1 amongst other things so it was important to add an S-Trig output as well as the more common gate/trigger. With an external clock input you can slave the VoS sequencer to nearly anything and using the reset input you can change sequence lenght to be from 1-10 steps.



Custom MIDI Wheel Controller

Custom modwheel midi controller with Arduino from Travis Thatcher on Vimeo.

Using the Doepfer’s modwheel assembly and an Arduino I built this midi controller for a client that needed a standalone box with a center detented, spring loaded pitch bend control and a free moving volume control. There is a switched that puts the device into calibration mode to learn the min and max values of each wheel. The code is pretty simple (though messy and uncommented for the time being) and basically just reads in the analog values of the wheels, scales them to the appropriate midi controller values and has some smoothing applied to take care of jitter. You can download the Arduino source here. It requires the MIDILibrary. Check out the most recent code at my GitHub Project.